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Bresmar Investment Limited is a dynamic company with fresh approach to providing the needs of the large corporations in the mining,industrial and engineering sectors in Zambia.

About Us

Our Team


Managed by the Managing Director,Bresmar has got a wide range of human resource skills ranging from Civil Engineers,Electrical Engineers,Mechanical Engineers to mention but a few.


Bresmar believes in team work and does not descriminate any of it's members regardless of colour,race,tribe,religion or any aspect.Headed by a female Director,Bresmar upholds gendar equality and upholds human rights.


At Bresmar we believe in an open door policy so as to allow employees to discover their potential and miximise their innovation.We believe in innovation and would support innovative ideas to improve or support our work.


At Bresmar we guarantee you the best Civil,Mechanical,Electrical and Industrial cleaning works


Company Profile


Bresmar Investment Limited is a leading company established and registered in 2003. Within the last years of operation the company has attracted a large client base ranging from small, medium and large scale enterprises in different sectors. It is the policy of the company to lay its foundation in the vision philosophy and strategy of the principle shareholders and other interested parties and to align the various elements of the company to create a coherent sustainable customer satisfaction and profit.Bresmar Investment Limited is a dynamic company with fresh approach to providing for the needs of the large corporations in the mining, industrial and engineering sectors. During its history, Bresmar Investment Ltd has established a firm foundation to provide excellent service and meet customer needs and obligations.


This is a wholly indigenous Zambian Company whose head office is in Chingola with another office in Solwezi, North-western Province of Zambia. Top Management of Bresmar comprises high profile personnel with vast experience in operations of various industries. They adhere to the environment requirement of the job such as safety and health standards and above all they guarantee quality in their performance.


The company has been collaborating well with renowned companies and government institutions through staff interactions and business associations. Some of these companies are; Bwana Mkubwa Mining Ltd – Ndola, Acid Plant – Solwezi, Kansanshi Mining Plc – Solwezi, FQM (Z) Ltd – Solwezi, Konkola Copper Mines Plc – Chingola and GRD Minproc – Solwezi, Office of the President- Solwezi, Zesco Ltd.

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