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Our Solution is our Pride
Clients and Services


As Bresmar Investment Limited we pride in our experience and our solution is the best.In the years that we have been in existance we have supervised and provided solutions to the following companies and projects:


COMPANY                                                             PROJECT

ZESCO Chingola                                                    Fencing the Substation


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                        Laundry Cleaning (Washing,Ironing and Cleaning surrounding of the camp)Max

                                                                               people in Camp 600


KCM PLC                                                               Repair and upholstery of office chairs for East Mill Contract No.JN667



GRD MINPROC                                                                        Laundry & Cleaning of office chairs for east mill contract no. jn6670


BWANA MKUBWA                                                  Supply of labour for acid plant project at kansanshi (Welders, Boilermakers,

                                                                              Fitters,Carpenters, Bricklayers and General Workers)


FQM (Z) LTD                                                         Supply of Labour (Operators & General Workers)


FURNACE FABRICA LTD                                       Acid Plant project KCM Nchanga Mine - Labour hire(India)


FURNACE FABRICA LTD                                       Jacket Piping for 500 TPD Acid Plant Project KCM Nchanga Mine(India)


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                       Supply of Labour (Operators, Cleaners, drivers lab attendants & general workers)


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Cleaning Central Cooling Tower, Fabricating, Installing flight pump, lying 40m 3”

                                                                              flexible pipe from pump to underground water tank acid plant


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Fencing Acid Plant Receiving Bay


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Labour Hire - Acid Plant


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Replacement of 8” NB Pipe with 12” Concentrate Pipe


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                       Suppy of Mining Equipment for HIRE i.e. Excavator, Front-end Loader, Tipper

                                                                              Trucks, compactor, Water bowser Etc.


                                                                              CIVIL WORK – gabions SAN 1200DK:1995 Double twist hexagonal wire (surface

                                                                              preparation Rockfill AG Geotextiles unrolling, cutting & replacing AG200M3

                                                                              (preparation including compaction)


FQM (Z) LTD                                                         Cleaning OF Sample Bags


FQM (Z) LTD                                                         Making of Sample Bags


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Replacement OF 8” NB Pipe with 12” Concentrate Pipe


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Welding of Holes on Weak areas on the vessels and Ducts


NCHANGA KCM PLC                                             Labour Hire – Acid Plant Mine Garage


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                       In-Plant Cleanup


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                       LAUNDRY & CLEANING (Cleaning of Golf Course houses by Supply of maids,

                                                                              gardeners and cleaning Agents & chemicals)


LUMWANA MINE PLC                                            Construction of Chief Mukumbi’s Palace


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                      Catering & Cleaning Services (Nabona Kitchen)


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                      Cycloning at Dams


OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT                     Transportation of Maize (Under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -

                                                                             transporting of maize to Kabompo, Chavuma and Zambezi)


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                      Catering & Cleaning Service at the Asian Kitchen


LUMWANA MINE                                                   Transportation Supply of 30 Seater Buses


LUMWANA MINE                                                   Crushing Plant Set up to supply aggregate in Northwestern Province


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                      Bogging out of Copper concentrate from CCD Tanks at the Thickenners


KANSANSHI MINING PLC                                      Construction of a Rural School, Health Post and Staff Houses at Isareal


                                                                             Construction of Drainages, Bridges and Culvits within the Mine Area


MULONGA WATER AND SEWARAGE CO            Servicing of 151 Fire Extinguishers in Chingola,Chililabombwe and Mufulira


MULONGA WATER AND SEWARAGE CO            Supply of 3200MM (8”) Rubber Horse Wire reinforced Flanged Table “D”


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